Saturday, November 22, 2014

Book Review of "Glenn Hughes: The Autobiography"

Gregg Akkerman's Review of Glenn Hughes: The Autobiography: From Deep Purple to Black Country Communion by Glenn Hughes with Joel Mclver

I only came to be a Glenn Hughes fan in the last couple years. Somehow I totally missed him during the years covered in this excellent autobiography. I am still unsettled by his frank descriptions of drug addiction and how it crushed so many of his relationships. Unlike other self-penned bios that read like high school essays (Tony Iommi) or "My life is awesome and nothing bad ever happened" (Tony Bennett), Hughes, with co-author Joel Mclver, invites us into the heart of the matter, and sometimes it's a damn scary place.

Given that Hughes is still touring, recording, and apparently having a great time on social media with his new trio called California Breed, it all seems to have worked out for him. And we who love anthemic, power-rock singing are better for it.

Akkerman rates it 4.5 rock-stars out of 5!

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