Saturday, November 22, 2014

Book Review of "Kicking and Dreaming" by the Wilson Sisters of Heart

Gregg Akkerman's Review of Kicking and Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock and Roll (It Books, 2012) by Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, and Charles R. Cross.

I will admit up front that I did not read the hard copy or the e-book, but rather listened to the audio book and was thoroughly surprised to hear the narrators were none other than the sisters-Wilson. Rather than hire voice actors, Ann and Nancy recite their own story (as crafted and cross checked by Charles R. Cross) and do a very respectable job of delivering the content with news-anchor objectivism while still allowing the occasional hyperbole that only someone who was actually IN the story could get away with. I can only hope that the text version conveys the same sincerity and open-hearted (last one, I promise) exposure as is heard in their spoken voices.

If you want to know about their amazing childhood as daughters of a WWII Marine, or their earliest ventures as singers enchanted by the Beatles, or first forays in love and sex, or the baby steps of Heart before the giant steps of HEART, or broken marriages, or raising children on the road, and growing older and wiser, then this is a book that delivers. It's all here, and it will win you over just as surely as the riff to Barracuda makes you kick up the volume in any car you are in.

Akkerman rates it 4 Rock-Stars out of 5.

Pick up a copy from the local library or purchase your own though this link:

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