About This Blog

What appears here is a combination of my formal writings in the realm of Rock Music, the Great American Songbook, and what I refer to as dramatized autobiography (i.e., it probably happened, but let's not quibble) from my life as a musician. Let's hit it.

Cheers, GA
Gregg Akkerman sailing somewhere in the Coral Sea

Dr. Gregg Akkerman is a writer/performer/educator born in the southern California desert to a mother with the good sense to provide her son the same birthday as Duke Ellington. He worked many years as a pianist/vocalist throughout the Southwest before earning a Masters of Music in Jazz Studies from San Diego State University and a Doctorate of Arts in Music Theory and Composition from the University of Northern Colorado. His books include "The Last Balladeer: The Johnny Hartman Story" and "Experiencing Led Zeppelin: A Listener's Companion." Akkerman was also the editor of the "Listener's Companion" series from Rowman & Littlefield for five years bringing 20 books to publication.

Akkerman served as an associate professor of music at a university in the South for 9 years before returning to California where he happily writes about music and performs as a piano-bar entertainer on cruise ships.